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A special thank you to our donors that contributed to the 2018 annual appeal, with special recognition to those who contributed for three consecutive years.


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The Ridgewood Public Library is a truly special place in our community.  Whether it’s your reading, study, meeting, movie or technology place, the library is an essential institution.  Last year the Library welcomed more than 312,000 people and that number continues to grow.  Our library is a place for everyone.

Exciting Updates to the Library include...

  • An enhanced technology lab where adults sharpen tech and job search skills and kids and teens enjoy coding workshops

  • Improved microfilm readers for historical periodicals, in high demand for our community historians

  • More iPad Pros to support adults and teens conducting research

  • New digital art technology and video production, bringing up-to-date art experiences to all ages 

  • Amazon tablets which are always in use, enabling parents to make use of the broader library as kids enjoy educational games on the go

  • Expanded e-book collections on Libby/Overdrive, reducing wait time for the most in-demand titles

We need your continued support. Your donation, at any level, will count toward our goal of $80,000 this year, propelling the Foundation’s ongoing financial support of our Library. With your help, the Foundation will continue to partner with the Library and our community to prioritize 2020 needs. I’d like to extend extra gratitude to those who have Made the List by showing support each year. 


In addition to the RPLF’s year-over-year support to improve and expand our Library’s resources, we are happy to announce that the Reimagine RPL Capital Campaign is off to a successful start.  For more information, please visit ReimagineRPL.org and always feel free to provide your suggestions, comments, and feedback.


With your help, we can ensure that our library remains a special place that serves the entire community. Please return the enclosed envelope with your generous 2018 gift.  Thank you for joining us in providing ongoing support to the Ridgewood Public Library.


See you at the Library!

125 North Maple Avenue Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Phone:  201-670-5609

The Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 corporation.

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