Board of Directors


The Ridgewood Public Library Foundation Board of Directors consists of up to 21 directors.
The Board has four officers: President, Co-Vice Presidents, and Treasurer.


New Board Members and officers are elected by the current Board. The Nominating Committee presents a recommended list of directors and officers to be voted on at the Annual Board Meeting each November. Directors serve one and two-year terms and are asked to serve on various committees including finance/investment, communications/marketing, social media, long term strategy, events/fundraising, and nominating.

Current Board of Directors

Cara Murray, President

Joanie Harrington, VP/Communications

Renu Vitale, VP/Strategy

Thomas DeVita, Treasurer

John Atlas

Christina Bergantino

Cathy Choi

Kathleen Entwistle

Shoshana Feiner

Richard Fels

Marissa Frisina

Janet Fricke

William Gulya

Glenn Harris

Glenn Jorgensen, Founding President

Lisa Lynch

Melanie Stern, Former President

Natalia Tobaccowala


Nancy Greene, Library Director

Carolyn Holt, Board of Trustees

Paul McCarthy, President, RPL Friends

Doug Frisina (Emeritus Director)