The total value of the Foundation portfolio holdings as of Q4 2020 is $1,502,539.00.


Endowment Exposure and Philosophy


The foundation’s investment philosophy is generally conservative and aims to blend principal preservation with opportunities for growth.  To accomplish this, we currently prefer equity allocations to bond and cash equivalent investments owing to the higher earnings yields that equities offer compared to the very low current yields of bond investments.  


We do maintain meaningful exposure to lower bond and cash investments due to the historically defensive nature of these investments. Our investments in bond and cash equivalent strategies are designed to insulate the portfolio from market volatility and allow us to outperform appropriate benchmarks in down market period.


Preserving capital in volatile environments is at the core of our investment philosophy and is an objective that we are increasingly focused upon in light of the significant growth in foundation assets the uncertainty inherent in asset markets and the historic difficulty that many foundations have had in achieving this objective.


Recent Performance


Overall, Portfolio diversification has recently benefitted international stocks that have outperformed US stocks after lagging performance over the past few years. Among international equal allocations, exposure to Japan and Asian emerging markets has benefitted from both the strong underlying performance of the markets and the performance of our fund holdings.


We continue to view international equities favorably due to their relatively attractive valuations compared to domestic equities. Our global exposure retains its conservative bias across geographic regions with sizable allocations to more defensive funds characterized by their low volatility and focuses on dividend-paying companies in different regions of the world.