frequently asked questions

Why should I donate to the Library Foundation?

The Village of Ridgewood provides generous funding for basic operating expenses which include staffing costs and maintenance of the facility and existing collections. The major 1998 Library expansion brought the growth of circulation by 65%, computer use by 229%, and program attendance by 109%, as well as ongoing new facility needs. Rising costs related to growth in services have outpaced traditional tax-based library funding. Private financial support will enable the Ridgewood Public Library to provide the elements of excellence, now and in the future.


As the Ridgewood Library continues to expand educational services within our community, the Library Foundation partners with private citizens and businesses to secure funds to support programs and resources outside the municipal budget. These initiatives include the acquisition of special in-depth collections, new technologies to provide the public with free and equal access to the latest electronic information resources and facility enhancements.

What differs between the Foundation & the Friends of the Library?

The Friends By-laws require the annual disbursement of all funds raised. Friends purchase books and other library materials, pay for all Library programs, and finance the Library Townwide Newsletter. Friends enable the Library to provide crucial materials and programs needed today.


The Foundation is dedicated primarily to continuing the viability of the library for the future. The growth of the Foundation's endowment will provide interest and dividend income for years to come. Future projects funded by the Endowment may include an expanded Teen and Young Adult Center, small meeting rooms, and a larger and more comfortable seating area for reading magazines and newspapers.


Friends sustain present excellence. The Foundation ensures the Library's brilliant future.

What is the Library Foundation Endowment?

Endowment gifts provide income to support the Library in perpetuity. Interest and dividends from the invested Endowment Fund will support the future library needs of Ridgewood residents. Your donation to the Endowment Fund is a legacy to the Village of Ridgewood.

To learn more about the management and operations of the Endowment Portfolio, please click here.